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It’s Time To Fix and Pivot 

Gaps in your business may be a result of the Coronavirus pandemic or exposed by the changing market conditions, before you think about seeking new financing, you need to fix the underlying issues and problems you face.

Sandhill Executives can help you fix your business and get you back on track. 

In a Post Covid-19 Market Environment


Work with us to build the plan and execute the strategies to enable your business to grow revenue and profits


Now many be the time to begin for institutional Funding, Recapitalizing your balance sheet, or preparing for an investment, sale or acquisition.

  • What is your burn rate?  Do you have a rolling 13-week cash flow forecast and cash management plan?

  • Do you run your business to leverage your strengths?  Does your firm have a laser focus on your key objectives?

  • Have you assessed your product lines, customers, vendors and staffing to ensure it fits your financial profile?

  • Are you equipped to negotiate in this new market with banks, lenders, trade vendors and government bodies to meet your needs?

Let Sandhill parachute in to help you build and execute your turn-around or recovery plan to survive and thrive post Covid-19

Let Sandhill help you create and execute your plan for long-term growth.

Email us at or
call us at (904)-608-6950 or (763)478-1777

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