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John has over 30 years as a senior executive in logistics, supply chain, purchasing and international sourcing, for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer enterprises.

Operations & Supply Chain  Team
Operations & Supply Chain

How are you dealing with the inconvenient truths of today’s reality? Are your operations now affected by employee safety concerns? Have you adjusted for the swings in demand and supply? Have your key performance measures and OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) been accurately predicting expected outcomes?

Is your supply chain under control? Do you have the broad visibility needed to identify constraints with your suppliers and your suppliers’ suppliers? Have you identified vulnerabilities and developed contingencies? Have you mitigated all of your risks?


Sandhill has current and deep experience managing through these issues. Whether the assignment is taking the lead in getting back to normal, de-risking sources of supply, managing the return to operational excellence, digitally transforming management processes, or shifting resources to quickly develop online channels, we’re here for you and at your service.

Making Hard Decisions to Improve Profitability

A Sandhill leader was presented with the problem of a $350 million services company operating with a $4.8 million loss. After five quarters of lean initiatives, value stream mapping, continuous operational improvements and decisions to jettison unprofitable business, the result was a $250 million business generating $14.5 million operating income a nearly $20 million swing. 

Near shoring for lower costs

Faced with high labor costs in a highly competitive industry segment, a Sandhill leader undertook a project to migrate the high labor content operations to a cross-border facility with 60% lower labor costs. Overcoming the added difficulty of maintaining the same turnaround time even with border crossings, the challenge was met.

Success Stories
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