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Meet The Experts

Jennifer Zimmermann, Founder and Talent Strategist of Catch All Business Solutions LLC, has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with an emphasis in Finance and Management. She has a passion for helping businesses grow, develop, strategize, and effectively manage their resources including the most valuable resource of all, their people. 

Terri Steidl is the retired COO of the largest franchisee of the Good Feet product in the world operating in eleven states. Terri’s prior work experience includes 30+ years of corporate human resources management and retained executive search.

A talent leader from Sandhill operated as an Interim Executive at a family owned Manufacturing Plant with about 160 employees. The scope was to increase retention, implement policies and procedures, develop leadership, improve culture, begin preparing the company for transition. 


“Jenn has helped us develop core values, our leadership team and a vision for our Company. When she arrived, our culture was in rough shape, she helped develop a culture committee pushed thru change. I accepted my role as her replacement and she is one of the reasons I accepted. She brings so much passion and knowledge to any team. If you are struggling with any aspect of your business, please reach out, she is there to help and serve.”

Two middle market, regionally based insurance companies have been able to reduce hiring costs and increase overall effectiveness by utilizing the hiring system that one of our talent leaders was able to set-up and implement for them.  This system helps them collect, analyze and make decisions regarding candidates for every role.  Furthermore, these clients have utilized training programs that help to reduce turnover and remove human bottlenecks to performance.

Success Stories
Creating Excellence in Your Talent Strategy

At Sandhill we help companies build excellence and peak performance within their teams and organizational structure.  Whether acquiring, developing, or retaining talent, we overcome the struggles and bottlenecks facing the workforce today while building engagement and productivity. 

  • Do your results indicate people are your greatest asset?  

  • Do you know the bottlenecks that prevent performance on your teams?  

  • Are you comfortable with the succession plan of your business or business leaders?  


Let Sandhill help you create and execute your Talent Strategy.

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or call us at (904) 608-6950 or (763) 478-1777

Talent/People Strategy

Companies that win in the world of talent do so because they are intentionally great. It all starts with having a strong talent strategy that ties to key performance indicators.  Our peak performance system ensures you have a clearly defined culture, intentional strategy, and the right leaders and managers prepped to execute.  Our Executive Talent and HR leaders can help position you to win.


Are you looking for talent, but tired of the traditional costly recruiter model?  At Sandhill we have tools and services to help you acquire talent.  Whether you are trying to improve your inhouse strategies, looking for on-line hiring systems, or needing a temporary professional, we are here for you.  Want an in-depth tool that helps you see behind the curtain when you hire?  Contact us now!


Whether you are on-boarding, performance reviewing, coaching, or training; developing employees is critical.  At Sandhill we work to increase the ROI on employee development by ensuring accountability and strong leadership in this area.  We also find bottlenecks and develop programs to help remove them.  Need speakers or a trainers for an event, we have a wide span of talent that can cover almost any need!


Turnover is costly so we help companies find and mitigate the issues that cause it.  Whether conducting 360 reviews on leaders, reviewing employee compensation and benefits, conducting engagement surveys and analysis, we work with teams to effectively retain the right talent and turnover when necessary the wrong talent.  Does your culture lack accountability and productivity?  We can help!

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