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Prepare Your Business

Whether your goal is to own your company for the next 20 years, sell in 1 year or 5 years, or take “some chips of the table now”, you need to prepare your business and your infrastructure  for the potential views of the future buyer, lender, investor or institutional funding agents.

to Re-Capitalize, Bring in Institutional Funding, or Attract Outside Lenders, Investors or Buyers


Work with us to build the plan and execute the strategies to enable your business to grow revenue and profits


Our team will guide you with proven steps and methodologies to identify and fix the issues your business is facing in these rapidly changing times.

There are a host of steps that need to be taken now, regardless of your long-term ownership strategy.  Some of these include:

  • Are your financial statements prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounted Principles?

  • Do your Revenue and Costs “match” in the treatment of your Balance Sheet and Income Statement?

  • Are you effectively managing your Working Capital?

  • Are you mitigating risks with customer or vendor concentration?

  • Are you effectively managing pricing and cost-of-goods sold?

  • Do you have a plan in place for servicing your clients using technology, or selling via e-commerce?

  • Are there opportunities for you to acquire competitors that have faltered during this crisis?

Sandhill Executives understand what steps you need to take today to be prepared for these major opportunities to grow through acquisition or diversify your equity holding to take generate personal funding in the near term.

Let Sandhill help you create and execute your plan for long-term growth.

Email us at or
call us at (904)-608-6950 or (763)478-1777

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