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Various leadership positions in financial & operational roles in large public and private companies engaged in manufacturing, oil & gas, diversified food, agricultural, warehousing, automotive, insurance, and construction businesses. 

Greenware® cold drink cups, lids and portion containers are made entirely from plants — not petroleum. It’s a difference that really resonates with consumers and sends a message that’s crystal clear: You care.

Sandhill Consulting Group, led by Elisa Webb Hill and Nick Clementi are working with the GreenWare team to extend the reach of this brand and deliver sustainable programs that meet the needs of customers.

Increase Sales



Licensing is a $270 billion dollar industry and food licensing is one of the fastest growing consumer product sectors. Sandhill Consulting Group has in-depth expertise in both trademark and patent licensing. We connect both Licensee’s and Licensors together in order to develop exciting new products across all categories.

Consumer Products



Exclusive product launch on QVC! Sandhill worked with the inventors of Aussie Ice to develop a launch strategy and sell their product exclusively on QVC. Aussie Ice is a patented product that turns any cold drink into a slushie! We continue to drive their business into new channels of distribution including retail, promotions, and events throughout the United States.

Multi-Million Dollar Promotions! A diversified manufacturer of branded and licensed products for children was challenged with executing a large cross-merchandising promotional program, as the various product lines crossed retailer buyers and division responsibilities. Sandhill developed a comprehensive merchandising, marketing and advertising program, which resulted in a multi-million dollar promotional program. The retailer’s satisfaction with the initial promotion resulted in a number of additional large scale promotional events.

Multi-Million Dollar Promotions



Success Stories
Finance & Accounting Analytics

Do you know where your cash is going to, or coming from during these extraordinary times?  What is your cash “burn” rate should you lose a key customer or vendor due to a bankruptcy or a bank forbearance event?

Do you just depend on your bank’s credit line or revolver to handle the peculiarities of cash flow? Cash flow calculations are no longer an indirect Balance Sheet comparison endeavor.  Now, real-time and daily, or certainly weekly cash forecasting capabilities are a required skill set.

Have you considered installing a Rolling 13-Week cash forecasting tool in your organization?  A tool that links your business’ value creation to the cash-to-cash cycle each activity either generates or consumes.  An immediately available cash tool that will raise questions and prompt action in hours or certainly days if key cash receipts aren’t forthcoming, and then outlines a rational cash conservation plan, in a prioritized order, should situations require their implementation.

Answers to these questions, and the difficult actions they prompt are the skill sets, quantitative models, and practical experience Sandhill can bring to your Company, its management, and stakeholders.  We can sure up lenders and build trust with your banking partners. 

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